I am a Software Engineer, specialized in game development and CG, currently working in Edmonton. I work as a game/graphics programmer and have worked as a Technical Artist in the past on the PS3 title Little Big Planet Karting.

I have worked extensively on Unity 3,4 and currently on 5 and as well have worked on Unreal 3, currently adapting knowledge to Unreal 4.

My LinkedIn: Linked In profile

I actively also write on Quora here: Profile on Quora

Last updated CV: Jan 2017 DocX CV



500px Profile



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Animesh,

    This is a copy of a note I sent you on Facebook. Are you the artist of the lovely Phoenix I posted in my note to you?

    I am helping to create a flyer for a Sufi camp that takes place in the Mendocino Woodlands in July, and I’d love to use the image of your phoenix. Please see my note for more information.

    Best regards,


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