Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Civil Engineering, Truss and Beam load simulation for construction stages, using Unity Game Engine:

Digital Phoropter, made on Adobe Animate with CreateJS , Javascript framework

Role Details:

Utilizing Unity 5 with WebGL to create simulations (teaching aid), including leading research for VR based educational simulations.

• Creating interactive content in Adobe Animate/Flash CC which is HTML5 ready. (example, Phoropter:

• Creating a WebGL Unity App for Civil/architectural engineers and workers to showcase Truss/Beam loads. (

• R&D: Virtual Reality, Occulus Rift, Blend4Web, Three.js, Material Design, ReactJS, Playcanvas, Web controlled Raspberry Pi.

Technology: Unity 5 Engine + WebGL (C#), Adobe Animate/Flash (JS) and CC Suite, HTML5, Python, CreateJS, Bootstrap