Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)


Creating a Windows / WebGL app to teach House construction stages from various Trades (Sheet metal, Electrical etc.): (Live Link)

Virtual House

Civil Engineering, Truss and Beam load simulation for construction stages, using Unity Game Engine : (Live Link)

Creating a prototype to showcase gas welding technique with proper torch/flame composition. (Live Link)


Digital Phoropter, made on Adobe Animate, (CreateJS) Javascript framework: (Live Link)


Creating a WebGL Unity App for Computation Genetics / Nucleic Acid Sequencing simulation. (Live Link)



Utilizing Unity 5 with WebGL to create simulations (teaching aids), including leading research for VR based educational simulations.

Leadership Tasks:

  • Leading development with Unity engine to create Educational sims / serious games doing educational research work relevant to the same.
  • Doing research work related to VR to help assess educational use cases for the institution in small and large-scale teaching environments.
  • Taking ownership of features, frontend, end-user debugging/testing, innovation, technical and artistic optimizations on all Unity projects
  • Meeting with Instructors or Subject Matter experts for creation of outline of project, identifying risks, pragmatic scope etc.

R&D: Computational simulation, Virtual Reality (VR), Oculus Rift, Material Design, Playcanvas, Raspberry Pi

Technology: Unity 5 Engine + WebGL (C#), Adobe Animate / Canvas (CreateJS) and CC Suite, HTML5/CSS, Python, Bootstrap, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, MeshLab