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Utherverse Digital Inc.

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Development of a social virtual 3D browser using the Unity3d Game engine.

  • Authored pixel perfect frontend components for UI, a total of 32 new features using Javascript and Unity-C# from scratch, collaborating with UI Designer/UX.
  • Created Avatar customization and World Editing (UI + Gameplay) feature, a primary revenue generator for the product, with re-iteration based on end-user feedback (part demo, visible here: link).
  • Saved time and effort of artists, by authoring Unity Editor Tool which search’s broken/missing and duplicate assets in directories across projects/network drives and fixes them automatically while obeying file-naming conventions.
  • Prototyped new/experimental features collaborating with Project lead, Art Director, Game and UI Designer, 3d Artists, writing documentation and patch notes, and working with QA team fixing bugs, making debugging tools, doing weekly triages and working late when situation demands.
  • Shader programming, maintaining/authoring Unity’s surface shader’s (Hair, Skin, Environment and Clothing shaders), R&D for Unity’s graphics pipeline for PBR based shaders. Assisted artist in moving from Unity version 4 to 5 smoothly, identifying problem areas and documenting them for future reference.
  • Lighting scenes (Linear/Deferred rendering), fixing level optimization issues based on content and resource quota generated from end user’s hardware (system memory and CPU).
  • Optimizing file-size/assets for dynamic content loading from servers, using best practices and technical recommendations.
  • Saved company time and money by writing a Maya Python-script to automate/batch through 3d Assets @500 assets/min-CPU time instead of 15 assets/hour/artist. The tool checked for correctness, validity and separately exported LOD’s to OBJ.
  • Analyze communication problems between art and engineering team and reduce them, communicate effectively in both written and verbal manner to relevant Leads and Project Managers and colleagues.

 Client available here:

Technology: Unity3D Engine, VS C# (.NET 4.5+), JavaScript (ECMA5), JSON, Surface Shaders (CG, HLSL), Maya-Python, Maya 2016, Tortoise Hg/GIT/Source-Tree/VSO.

Gameplay CONCEPTS:


Implementation (of above):




Implementation (of above):

Making, UI for the primary revenue generator on the product, the Clothing Customizer, Body/Avatar Customizer.

Debugging and visual bug tracking:

Debugging Shader performance bottlenecks.
Debugging Unity 4 tree shaders in Unity 5


Light-baking, Scene Optimizations

Lightbaking and Scene Optimizations for “Transport” which is a streaming level. Baking in Linear space, Deferred Rendering
Unity 5 Generated dual Lightmap, Deferred Rendering, Linear space

Skin (R&D):

Skin Rendering, R&D, with alpha based occlusion for clothes, which are on top of the skin.